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Attention Property Managers in Kansas City

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

If you manage a commercial property in Kansas City, you know that the American’s with Disabilities Act requires all public walkways to be clear of slip and fall hazards.  That means there can be no ice or damaged concrete that may cause an accident.  The only solution appears to be snow removal, sand, ice melt, and keeping your concrete in good condition.  Unfortunately though, the use of ice melt and other deicing salts can severely damage weak concrete.  Worse, in Kansas City, we have frequent freeze thaw cycles.  If you are using ice melt on the public areas of your property AND the temperature gets below freezing at night but warms up during the day, those are the absolute worst conditions for concrete.  When water enters unprotected concrete it expands and can cause micro cracks that weaken the surface.  Over time, if this happens frequently, the surface can begin developing deterioration in the forms of spalling and scaling.

Think of it this way, every time you use deicing salts and another freeze thaw cycle passes, it takes weeks off the potential life span of the concrete.  If you do not protect your concrete the probability of having to replace it sooner than if you did protect the concrete is substantially higher.  Maybe it is easier to think of it like gambling; you can let it ride and take your changes or you can hedge your bet. 

One thing is for sure, sealing concrete in Kansas City is the best thing any property manager can do to extend its useful life and postpone the cost of replacement. 

We seal concrete for apartment complexes, retail properties, maintenance provided managed communities, HOAs, and residential homeowners.

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