Concrete Driveway Scaling and Spalling Is Most Often Preventable

Is your concrete driveway is starting to develop scaling (flaking and pitting-like surface deterioration) or spalling (broken edges at relief sections)?  If the surface deterioration is just starting, you can significantly reduce the scale and scope of expansion with a strengthening concrete sealant that hardens and densifies the concrete to help protect against further damage.  Once concrete surface deterioration begins, it is difficult to stop and impossible to reverse.  Accordingly, it is very important to apply a commercial grade lithium silicate strengthening sealer before deterioration begins or at the first sign of deterioration.  Seal your concrete driveway before deterioration begins or gets worse.  There are different types of concrete sealants and not all are created equal.  Lithium silicate concrete hardeners and densifiers with solids contents over 20% are the best penetrating mineral based sealants.  Sodium and Potassium silicates are no longer used in commercial applications because the lithium silicates are better.  Lithium will not effervesce or contribute to Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR) like sodium or potassium can.  See the Why We Use Lithium article for greater detail.  Sealwize is the only concrete cleaning and sealing contractor in Kansas City that offers a hybrid lithium silicate silane siloxane commercial grade sealant that strengthens, hardens, and densifies concrete but also contains a water repelling salt barrier that neutralizes chloride ions in deicing salts.  Sealwize also offers both types of sealants separately if desired for budget or other reasons.  The least expensive option is a penetrating silane siloxane water repellent and salt guard application.  However, this type of sealant will not permanently strengthen concrete and should be reapplied every five years.  Sealwize has concrete cleaning and sealing options for every type of concrete flatwork, whether residential concrete driveways, or commercial projects such as storefronts, drivethrus, parking garages, sidewalks or otherwise.  Call us today to request an estimate.  In Johnson County, KS and the cities of Overland Park, Leawood, Prairie Village, and Mission call 913-575-1469.  In Shawnee, Lenexa, Olathe, and Gardner call 913-322-0091.  And in Jackson County, MO and the cities of Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, and Raymore call 816-679-9099.  And in Platte, Clay, or Ray counties in the Northland call 816-935-9851.  Sealwize is the largest sealing contractor in with five teams.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Concrete Scaling

Concrete Scaling

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