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See Our Deck Staining Work

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

We offer full restoration deck staining services in southern Kansas City. We serve Johnson and Jackson counties and the cities of Overland Park, Leawood, Prairie Village, Olathe, Lenexa, Shawnee, Mission, Lee’s Summit, Loch Lloyd, Greenwood, Creekmore, Blue Springs, and Independence.

When it comes time to choose a deck staining company, we know you want to see pictures. We are currently working to improve our photo gallery but until that is ready we thought we should post more pictures on our blog.

With five years experience, we are experts at deck maintenance. We carry multiple types of sealers and stains for cedar and pine decks. Each sealer and stain has its pros and cons. Some offer better long term protection while others feature more rich colors.  We will explain all the options and let you choose based on what is more important to you.

Ready to experience a new class of deck maintenance from the best deck staining company in Kansas City?

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Happy 4th of July

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Nothing better than enjoying the 4th of July on a newly refinished deck and showing off your patriotism.

Simply the best deck refinishing in Kansas City!

Be Proud of Your Deck Again!

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

So you put off sealing your deck last year because of the recession, you didn’t want to make any big purchases just in case times got worse?  We understand.  But now your deck really needs some love?  Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.  Sealwize offers the Best Deck Sealing & Staining Services in Kansas City.  Don’t be embarrassed by your deck any longer!  Instead, be proud of your deck again!  Call us at 913-575-1469 or request a free estimate online. You’ll be glad you did!

Deck Restoration & Refinishing Testimonial

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

We received a letter in the mail today from a happy customer and thought we would share.  At Sealwize, we have a reputation for awesome deck restorations with the very best technologically advanced sealants and stains and service not found elsewhere.  There really is a difference in deck maintenance.  Experience the difference like Eric Jacobson of Overland Park, KS.  Call today for a free consultation and estimate!  913.575.1469

Jacobson Testimonial

You Have to See These Sealwize Deck Staining Projects!

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Have you been less than impressed with previous deck maintenance experiences?  Had to deal with scraggly contractors?  Paid to have a stain applied that only lasted a year?  Or worse yet, spent an entire weekend trying to do it yourself for the second year in a row? 


We empathize with you – keeping a deck in good condition can be a huge headache, leaving homeowners to throw their arms up in frustration.  We understand.  In fact, that is why Sealwize was founded in Kansas City!  For this very reason – “There has just got to be a better solution!” 


And there is!  It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.  Sealwize has created an entire new class of professionalism in the deck maintenance industry that has homeowners raving.  “These guys were amazing – they always showed up on time, coordinated with my schedule, moved the heavy grill off the deck, were careful to protect my landscaping, thoroughly stripped off the previous finish, spent an entire afternoon sanding nearly every inch of the deck in 100 degree weather, measured the pH levels like scientists, and carefully and methodically applied two coats by brush – it was very impressive!  Now I understand the Sealwize difference!” - Bray, Overland Park

When you hire Sealwize to take care of your deck, you can expect professional and courteous project coordinators, knowledgeable and experienced managers, trained and detailed technicians, rigorous deck restoration processes, scientifically engineered sealants, stains, and coatings that not only outlast and outperform traditional treatments but are also environmentally friendly, less stress and hassle, peace of mind, and a finished product that makes you proud!  


But don’t take our word for it though – check out these projects and contact us for a list of references in your area so you can experience the Sealwize difference firsthand! 


Are you ready to experience the Sealwize difference?  Request an estimate online!


Sealwize of Kansas City serves the nine county metro area, including Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood, Lee’s Summit, Shawnee, Lenexa, Olathe, and the Northland.


Sealwize – Taking Deck Staining and Maintenance to a Whole New Level!

Cherry Walnut NanoStain Deck Pictures

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

The Sealwize NanoStain colors can be mixed to find that color that is just right.  In these pictures, the Cherry and Walnut were mixed. 







Do you have a newer gray untreated deck?  If so, it should be sealed and protected.  Unprotected wood can age and deteriorate rapidly.  You would be surprised by the difference of just a few years.  Decks that are treated with a protective stain or sealed soon after construction typically have significantly fewer cracks and warping.  The quality of the lumber will make a big difference as well and therefore deck treatments cannot guarantee the prevention of cracks and warping.  However, sealing and staining can certainly reduce the probability.  If wood is not absorbing water, it is much less susceptible to deterioration. 


Sealwize offers a range of deck maintenance services with options for every type of deck and budget.  In addition to the durable long lasting NanoStain, permanent wood preservative deck  sealants, paint-like breathable deck coatings, exotic hardwood sealers, and inexpensive and affordable deck stains are all available. 


Sealwize is raising the bar in the exterior wood and concrete maintenance industry.  With technology proven through science to outlast and outperform and exceptional career professionals focused on outstanding service, Sealwize is quickly becoming known as the gold standard by which all others are measured.  But don’t take our word for it – ask one of our previous clients or call us for a complimentary consultation.  You will see the Sealwize difference right away! 


In Eastern Johnson County, including Overland Park, Leawood, Prairie Village, and Mission call 913-575-1469.  In Western Johnson County, including Olathe (west of Pflumm), Lenexa, and Shawnee call 913-322-0091.  In Jackson County Missouri, including Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Independence, and Raymore call 816-679-9099.  Or request an estimate online now!

Sealwize Cedar Tint Zr44 Deck Sealant Pictures

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

The Sealwize Zr44 water repelling wood preservative deck sealant can be applied in clear or with pigment tints.  The Cedar Tint is certainly the most popular.  It sure looks nice!

Sealwize Zr44 Applied With Cedar Tint in Raymore, MO

Sealwize Zr44 Applied With Cedar Tint in Raymore, MO

Zr44 is a great option for new (seasoned 30-90days) or near new decks in good condition.  This unique sealant crystalizes in the micro pores of the wood from the inside, which strengthens and increases the dimensional stability of the wood, while preserving it (almost like the wood is petrified).  And as a result, the wood is permanently less absorbent and less susceptible to deterioration.  Zr44 is best for homeowners seeking long-term protection as the primary goal.  However, since this is a water repelling wood preserving deck sealant, it is best for homeowners that prefer the natural look of wood because it does not have the same color retention performance characteristics of a deck stain.   Deck stains hold color longer but can offer less protection from the elements, especially if not reapplied frequently enough.  Sealwize recommends that decks treated with Zr44 either be professionally cleaned or refreshed/stained annually for best aesthetics.  The maintenance is relatively simple and cost is very reasonable.  Actually, the pictures in this post are of a deck originally sealed in 2008, and refreshed again in 2009. 

Side View of Zr44 with Cedar Tint

Side View of Zr44 with Cedar Tint

If you have a deck in good condition and the protection of your wood is most important, then consider Zr44 deck sealing in Kansas City from Sealwize.  When the wood on your cedar deck is permanently protected and preserved, the only thing you have to worry about is cleaning or staining it at your discretion.  When the Zr44 is applied clear, the wood will naturally turn gray from dirt and sunburn.  This is normal and the maintenance process to clean annually is inexpensive and actually offers the lowest total cost of ownership when compared to any natural wood deck treatment process.  It is much cheaper to have your deck cleaned each year than to have traditional deck stains applied every year or two. 

Ready to talk to someone about permanently sealing your deck?  Request an Estimate Online!

But Zr44 is not for everyone.  If you prefer a stained look that lasts longer, consider our NanoStain that comes with a 6year warranty.  This stuff is durable and looks fabulous.  Check out our NanoStain Pictures!

Brown NanoStain Deck Pictures

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

The Blue Valley Team did an excellent job on this Deer Creek job!

Every inch of this deck was hand-brushed!

Every inch of this deck was hand-brushed!


If you are the type that prefers quality, then Sealwize deck sealing is for you!




This deck is now ready to entertain in style this summer!

This deck is now ready to entertain in style this summer!


This stuff is so tough - ask a rep for a sample board and try to scratch it with your fingernail.  Its impressive.  There is nothing else like this on the market!

This stuff is so tough - ask a rep for a sample board and try to scratch it with your fingernail. Its impressive. There is nothing else like this on the market!


Would you like your deck to look like this one? 

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Not sure you like Brown?  Check out the pictures and photos of Cherry NanoStain projects.  Brown, Cherry, and Walnut  are most popular.

Full Walnut NanoStain Pictures

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

This Overland Park Deck Staining project was completed in the full walnut NanoStain. 

Another Beautiful Sealwize Deck in Overland Park
Another Beautiful Sealwize Deck in Overland Park


Featuring Protection, Durability, and Peace of Mind

Featuring Protection, Durability, and Peace of Mind

Would you like your deck to look like this one? 


Not sure you like Walnut?  Check out the pictures and photos of Cherry NanoStain projects.  Walnut, Cherry, and Brown are most popular. 

Cherry NanoStain Pictures

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

As you may have heard, Sealwize of Kansas City has a new nanoceramic stain for wood decks available this year.  This alkyd-based deck stain is extremely durable and long-lasting.  If you’re looking for a product that will last longer than traditional stains, you’ve come to the right place.  When applied, this product has a slight sheen and looks fabulous. 


The rich cherry color almost looks like a cabinet!


The cherry really looks great on beige homes!


And best of all – this stuff is durable and will outlast all other stains on the market.

Sealwize is the premier deck staining contractor in Kansas City specializing in low maintenance deck restoration and preservation with the most advanced technology available. 

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