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Sealwize Completed Another Boat Dock Sealing Project

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

We completed another lake boat dock wood sealing project today at Lake Winnebago, MO.  Boaters and lake lovers realize that the lake friendly wood sealant from Sealwize offers the best protection of their investment and lowest total cost of ownership.  If you would like to talk to us about sealing your boat dock, call us during business hours at 816-679-9099.

Another Dock Sealed @ Lake Winnebago

Another Dock Sealed @ Lake Winnebago

Lake Wood Boat Dock Sanding, Cleaning & Powerwashing

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Tired of getting splinters on your wood boat dock?  Need your dock cleaned, sanded and sealed?  Don’t do it yourself – Call Sealwize at 816-679-9099.  Sealwize offers premium wood dock maintenance services, including sanding, cleaning, powerwashing / pressure washing, and sealing in the Kansas City metro area.  We provide service at Lake Winnebago, Lakewood, RainTree Lake, Lake Lotawana, Lake Jacomo, Blue Springs Lake, Lake Tapawingo, Lake Lee’s Summit, Prairie Lee Lake, Silver Lake, and the Lake at Loch Lloyd in Missouri and Lake Quivira and Shadow Lake in Kansas.


Sealwize offers the best boat dock sealing services with lake safe green products that outlast and outperform.  Call us today at 816-679-9099 or request an estimate online.  You’ll be glad you did!

Best Lake Boat Dock Sealant: Sealing and Maintenance

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Are you searching for a low maintenance, environmentally friendly solution to protect your investment in that nice lake house boat dock?  Need to find a contractor that offers dock maintenance services in Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas?  Look no further.  You’ve come to the right place.


Sealwize of Kansas City offers a lake safe Zero-VOC wood sealant that is perfect for cedar docks.  Docks can be expensive but are very difficult to maintain.  You don’t want to put a stain on it that has a high VOC content – the runoff is like poison for the fish and vegetation in the lake.  You’ve seen the signs on the street drains – “No Dumping – Drains To Lake”?  Those warnings are to intended to prevent paints and oil-based products from entering the lake ecosystem.  For the same reason, you shouldn’t put an unsafe product on your wood dock that will leech and runoff. 


So what is a homeowner supposed to do?  Just leave the wood unprotected?  Well you can do that… but it might not be wise.  Unprotected wood can deteriorate at alarming rates, and especially wood that is wet frequently and in direct sun. 


The best solution to protect boat docks is a wood sealant from Zerovoc Technology called Zr44.  Zr44 is perfect for boat docks.  Zr44 is a scientifically engineered, inorganic, solvent free, super-hydrophobic, penetrating water repellent that imparts superior water resistance to wood, giving it dimensional stability and protection against decay.  Think of it this way: Zr44 is a clear wood preservative that basically petrifies the wood so that it is more dense, less water absorbent, and protected against deterioration.  And best of all, it is not oil based and is safe to apply to boat docks without worry about the side effects to the lake ecosystem.  When boat docks are treated with the clear Zr44 they will weather naturally (get dirty and develop a sunburn) but the maintenance is simple – it just needs to be cleaned every year.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give your nice natural wood dock the same maintenance requirements as a composite dock?  Its not too good to be true.  You can! 


Sealwize of Kansas City has sealed several docks in Jackson and Cass Counties in Missouri and can provide references upon request.  Admittedly we are partial, but we know of no better solution to seal wood lake docks.

Lake Winnebago, MO

Lake Winnebago, MO

So if you could purchase a dock sealant that is not only lake safe and green but also lasts much longer and easily outperforms traditional treatments, how could you say no?  There is a slight price premium but considering the advantages and fact that you don’t have to keep sealing the dock every couple years, it’s difficult not to choose Sealwize.


Ready to get to protect your Western Missouri or Eastern Kansas boat dock?  Request an estimate online now or call 816.679.9099!  You’ll be glad you did!  And so will the lake!


The Sealwize of Kansas City team members are true professionals in the dock and deck sealing industry.  Experience the difference today!