Nanoceramic Deck Stain & Sealant


A Planet Safe "Green" Product from Sealwize

Sealwize Solid Color Topcoats are the next generation of low maintenance, exterior wood protecting finishes. Advanced nano-engineered ceramics, combined with the latest state-of-the-art cross-linking polymer technology, yields a hard, flexible, and extremely durable coating that will hold up under the most severe environmental conditions.

Kansas City Sealwize Deck and Concrete Sealing and Staining 30 year warranty!

Nanoceramic Technology

  • Best for homeowners that prefer a paint type finish with particular colors
  • Excellent choice when color aesthetics are most important 
  • Recommended for damaged and blemished decks to hide surface defects
  • Can be applied to any deck and perfect for strict HOA codes
  • Extremely durable in high traffic areas
  • Water repellent yet breathable to reduce incidents of wood rot
  • Planet safe green technology with less than 50g per liter VOCs
  • Available in seven premixed colors and custom colors to match house paint
  • Virtually maintenance free during life of product

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