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Sealwize of Kansas City
offers commercial contractor grade exterior concrete sealing and maintenance services to property owners and property management companies in the Kansas City metro area.  Safety and liability issues associated with keeping exterior concrete snow and ice free in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act often require chemical deicers, but frequent and heavy use of chemical deicers can cause surface deterioration if your concrete is not properly protected.  And if deterioration occurs, it must be repaired quickly to avoid trip hazards and unsafe walking conditions.  To help address these issues, we offer a lithium silicate silane siloxane hybrid concrete sealant that strengthens, hardens, and densifies concrete, making it less absorbent and less susceptible to deterioration while also repelling water and neutralizing harmful chloride ions.  There is no better protection on the market today.  This clear penetrating concrete sealer will not change the appearance or surface traction and only needs to be applied once.  A 30-year manufacturer’s warranty is available for concrete in good condition.  Follow up silane siloxane salt barrier treatments can be applied every 5-7 years for maximum protection if desired in high pedestrian traffic areas where salt and ice melt is used heavily.  If you strive to maintain a safe and attractive storefront, and need to use chemical deicers in the winter, then a commercial grade concrete sealant application is an absolute necessity. 

Protect Your Concrete Now So You Don’t Have to Replace It Later!

Sealwize of Kansas City has the equipment, insurance and experience for all types of commercial concrete sealing jobs.  We have worked with retail businesses, condo and apartment complexes, churches, schools, and can help any property owner interested in maintaining healthy unblemished concrete.

All products used are environmentally friendly and safe.  Independent third party test results are available upon request and inquiries from architects and engineers are welcome.

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